SyndeoCare 2018 Highlights

SyndeoCare has seen a large amount of growth over the past year. Both internally and externally, successes of the company can be felt from Wisconsin to Texas. Our online presence is beginning to make ripples as we have been consistent on different platforms. Additionally, we have routinely been posting blogs to help with sharing our insights with others in our industry. We attended our first tradeshow over the past year and look forward to participating in more events similar to that one. SyndeoCare has gained new partnerships while always taking care to sustain our existing ones.

Top Blogs

The importance of blogs in this industry is enormous. We realize that the landscape in this business is always changing in different ways, so it is essential to always learn from others and to pass on what you learn to others as well. Authoring blogs gives us the opportunity to share some knowledge about the industry that we have gained to our peers and others interested. Below, we have highlighted a few of our top blogs from 2018 that can be found useful to anyone in our community:


·        How to Create New Revenue for Your Medical Practice in 2018

Constant policy changes, competition emergence, and political movements often leave health practices in a financially unstable position. This blog highlights different suggestions for medical practices to create new revenue. Anticipating unpredictable changes in the healthcare landscape, SyndeoCare details concrete examples that can supplement a medical practice’s income.


·        The Prudent Layperson Standard: Patient Rights Under Attack as Insurance Companies Put Profits Over Patients

Various insurers today are going against an important policy that was put in place to stop patients from being crippled by debt from medical visits. The policy they are going against is the Prudent Layperson Standard. The Prudent Layperson Standard lays out the rights that patients have when they are visiting emergency rooms and the billing that occurs after their visit. This blog defines the Prudent Layperson Standard, outlines the need for it, and points out its current state.


Tradeshow Attendance

SyndeoCare saw a large amount of growth in many aspects of the business in 2018. One new area that the company was introduced to was tradeshows, as SyndeoCare attended its first tradeshow in the month of October. The Urgent Care Association of America tradeshow played host to SyndeoCare and other healthcare-minded businesses in Houston, Texas. This was an important step for SyndeoCare as we continue to expand within the industry and leave our mark on it throughout the country.


New partnerships in 2018

SyndeoCare as a service can be beneficial to people nationwide so we take pride in the fact that our business has been able to expand to other markets. Our new markets added in 2018 include Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Las Vegas, San Antonio and Houston. Our current growth plans have our operation expanding to include a variety of other states and localities in 2019.

Looking forward to 2019

We look forward to continuing along this path of success in 2019. This past year was a great one and we believe that the coming one will be even better as we look to continue to branch out to new markets in new regions. SyndeoCare is growing month by month and we have a multitude of new projects that are developing for 2019.