Solutions for Providers

As an injury provider, you can offer an additional service to your current patient panel without any startup costs or additional staffing needs.

The SyndeoCare platform supports your office and staff to allow for the best care for injured patients without the pitfalls that have proven to be problematic in serving injured patients. Our support starts at scheduling new patients all the way through collection of patient fees.

Simply put, SyndeoCare can make injury care profitable, simple and rewarding.

There are many benefits to engaging SyndeoCare:

  • Ability to see patients, document encounters, and generate billing.
  • Back-office support to carry out collections, fulfill orders, coordinate patient care, and handle medical records without any initial costs.
  • Help injured patients, add service lines and increase A/R without purchasing expensive medical equipment or hiring additional staff.
  • Ability to create complete and comprehensive medical notes during encounters.

Our platform is designed to allow you to focus on your patient during the encounter and be assured that he or she will receive a concierge patient experience throughout the road to recovery.

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